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Street Vendor Prepares Moo Namtok (Waterfall Pork)
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See our recipe for Namtok. products used in this recipe:

Fish sauce
Fresh lime
Ground Thai chile peppers
Fresh shallots
Large stainless spoon/ladle
Tamarind cutting board
High BTU Gas Burner

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In this video, a sidewalk chef prepares Waterfall Pork (Moo Namtok). Very simple, and loaded with flavor. In Thai language, nam tok is a waterfall. This dish is usually cooked using a barbeque (the juices drip onto charcoal hence the name waterfall) but you can fry or broil the beef just as well. It should be cooked rare to start with. See our recipe for namtok.

Filmed in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.
An Look at Preparing Namtok in Thailand
waterfall pork waterall pork
namtok pork
moo namtok
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